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LRFM hot atmosphere dynamic isolation series

Power plant boiler cold wind old structure due to serious leakage and isolation, and often card for coal pulverizers belt and burned, and mill bearing such difficult game stopped.

LRFM hot wind electric isolation series

LRFM-cold wind electric isolation door series products are in our current LRFM - cold wind throttle.in pneumatic type, based on the part of the requirements of power.

MGM inserted isolation plate series

With China's socialist modernization construction and the development of electric power industry and the high requirements, and in line with international standards, we jiangsu combined power machinery manufacture Co., LTD in...

XAP double seal (cut) shut off the air

XAP - II double board air separation plant type shutoff

XAP double seal (air) is cut off type and II is integrated in the nationwide large-scale thermal products performance characteristics and relevant problems, and combined with foreign professional company manufacture, design draft and maintenance technology, roll out ceremoniously brand-new product.

CS conveyor

CS - 2 series cable transmission gear tooth cable machines) (hereinafter referred to as the machine adopts steel wire transmission, and overcome the screw conveyor chain conveyor and various defects, especially it is realized by...

DBFM closed dampers series

Being used in power plant closed dampers smoke in the air way of working with closure, it has two full sexual function, make a piping system working full circulation and shutoff, since it has closed flexible rotation, driving moment is small, have higher rigor and can work under pressure and temperature.

After adjusting for smoke baffle flow adjustment in the ducts with baffle rotation 90 ° in different positions within the mutation when, through the different working flow, it has the flexible rotation, fine adjustment wait advantage. To adjust the air shaft bearings, is equipped with air in the external connector, seal air.

Rotating mesh

Rotating sieve is installed in coal-fired power plants circulating pump inlet water weeds before, interception, industrial and agricultural and biological life waste organic floater qualitative rack cleaner equipment, is the important power plant auxiliary equipment, water.